The inside story of the unorthodox ad campaign that helped elect Donald Trump

Mr. Trump is also a pro when it comes to production and lighting. We had to make sure lighting and set-ups were perfect on production shoots. I even hired crew that previously lit him on “The Apprentice.” Once Mr. Trump was confident we knew what we were doing, everything went very smoothly.

Submitting spots for review was another unorthodox aspect of the campaign. Bannon, [Trump son-in-law] Jared Kushner and [Trump digital director] Brad Parscale directed me to produce spots for review without approving scripts—they wanted to see our vision. I loved that. It gave us a chance to do some interesting ads without idly waiting around for script approval. One of the closing ads, “Choice” was the result of a brainstorming session at Jamestown Associates’ Philadelphia office, where our team came up with the concept of uniquely focusing on one American voter and the choice she was tasked with making. Another ad, “Change” clearly illustrated the change Mr. Trump would bring to DC versus Hillary Clinton’s “more of the same.”

Finally, the closing ad, “Argument for America” was originally produced as a two-minute web video. After seeing it and sharing it with the Trump team, Parscale—who gets credit for the idea—told me, “Everyone loves it, we are putting it on TV.” Now, that is unorthodox. Two-minute political commercials don’t usually air nationwide. It blew up on social media, with more than eight million hits, greater than any TV ad produced by either campaign. So many people have told us that ad was the turning point in deciding to vote for President-elect Trump.

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