Trump team wants you to see the Iran nuclear documents that have been kept from public view

The Trump administration could soon release three sets of Iran-related documents which have been stored in this manner. Because they are not classified, they would not need to go through a rigorous and lengthy declassification process.

One group is 17 unclassified documents related to the Iran nuclear agreement, including a projection of how Iran’s nuclear research and development could progress over time, and letters between various foreign ministers and Secretary of State John Kerry.

The second group includes documents signed by senior State Department official Brett McGurk, outlining the terms of a much-criticized prisoner swap in which four Americans were released in prison in exchange for the transfer of $1.7 billion in cash to Iran—a deal that Trump himself lambasted frequently during the presidential campaign.

And the third group includes documents outlining the “secret” exemptions to the nuclear deal that Iran was allowed. These exemptions were approved by a joint commission created by the deal to oversee its implementation.

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