NeverTrump Senate Republicans grapple with his victory

Another group of former Never-Trump senators is trying to move past the campaign, including Cory Gardner of Colorado, one of several Republicans who unendorsed Trump after the “Access Hollywood” tape on which he bragged about groping women. Early on, Gardner referred to Trump as a “buffoon.”

“I’ve had several conversations with Trump and the Trump administration and look forward to working with them,” said Gardner, who will head the Senate Republicans’ campaign arm for the 2018 cycle.

“Totally water under the bridge,” said Republican Senator Dan Sullivan of Alaska, who also unendorsed Trump after the tape, in a recent interview. “I’m very excited,” he said, particularly on energy issues.

Susan Collins of Maine, meanwhile, is advising Trump to reach out to Democrats and get things done in a bipartisan way, starting with dinners at the White House.

Rob Portman of Ohio said he is looking to work with the new administration on taxes and trade policy among other issues, and describes the party as “united” behind making Trump successful.

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