Harvard spat between Clinton, Trump camps proves Dems can't accept Trump's improving

But their deepest fears have not been realized and, indeed, hype about white supremacy creeping over the electorate doesn’t match with the fact that Trump actually shrunk his percentage of the white vote (58 percent) compared to Mitt Romney (59 percent), and Trump gained ground over Romney with black and Latino voters.

Trump has also toned down his rhetoric and selected credentialed, reasonable staff picks like KT McFarland as deputy national security advisor, attorney Donald McGahn as White House counsel and Gov. Nikki Haley as U.N. ambassador.

If Trump’s early administration picks have made some on the Left nervous, as well as conservatives like Glenn Beck, they also follow a more typical pattern of rewarding campaign loyalists before a pivot outward beyond the original startup founders. Think President Obama naming conservative Republican Jon Huntsman, Jr., his ambassador to China after he’d given earlier spoils to his Chicago intimates.

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