Will Iranian voters elect a tougher mullah to confront Trump?

When Donald Trump rocked the world by winning the US election, Iran was as stunned as other countries.

In a survey that was conducted in Iran before Trump’s election, Rouhani was the hands down favorite for president. Newer polls put Ahmmadinejad back in the game when he and Rouhani run in an open field with six other candidates. In those polls, Rouhani is up by six points, taking 27 percent to 21 percent for Ahmadinejad. Considering that Ahmadinejad has been declined as a candidate by the Supreme Leader, the moderate candidate and sitting president Rouhani faces a potentially difficult race for another term.

Given the new occupant of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, it is unclear how the Supreme Leader and the rest of Iran will react in their voting booths on May 19th.