Who cares if Mitt Romney is a sellout?

Mitt Romney has sold out. Or so they say. Over dinner at Jean-Georges restaurant at Trump International Hotel & Tower New York, the erstwhile Republican presidential nominee — a finalist to serve as Donald Trump’s secretary of state — hobnobbed with the man he once said would make a mess of America.

Maybe, as some Romney supporters have argued, he’s doing it out of a deep-rooted sense of duty. Maybe, as pretty much everyone else has said, he’s just as much of a “fake” and a “phony” as the candidate he once criticized.

Really, though, who cares? If Romney is a sellout, at least he’s a sane one.

Alternatives to Romney, according to the Trump campaign, are Rudy Giuliani and two unnamed contenders. These could be retired Army Gen. David Petraeus — who, if chosen, would have to notify his probation officer of a change in employment — or Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.). It seems, though, that Giuliani is Romney’s toughest competition.