Senate GOP has "high level of angst" over Petraeus nomination

Several GOP senators privately said Thursday they were concerned about the political fallout if David Petraeus is nominated as secretary of state.

They were uncertain he could overcome doubts raised by his conviction for mishandling classified information and win confirmation to be secretary of state if he is picked by President-elect Donald Trump. Some were worried it could spark a major confirmation battle in the opening weeks of the Trump administration.

One GOP senator said there is a “a high level of angst” among Republican senators about the political fallout if Petraeus were to be chosen.

“I have had discussions with several of my colleagues who have expressed anxieties about this issue because, after all, this was an issue in the campaign for Hillary (Clinton) and this individual was actually convicted. It’s surprising to us that he’s in the mix,” said the senator who agreed to speak candidly if not identified.