What the sex robots will teach us

“I think a huge benefit of using technology and design to develop sex devices is that they open up new forms of sexual experience, ways to experience intimacy with others, to feel good in our own skin, to have mind-blowing orgasms, all of it,” said Shaowen Bardzell, associate professor of informatics at Indiana University.

“Robots could also be useful for virgins or for people with social anxiety who wish to gain practice before actually having sex with a partner,” sex therapist Holly Richmond said.

They also show promise for people who have mental or physical disabilities that may impede their ability to find sexual partners, those who live in rural areas or are socially isolated, and anyone who can’t or doesn’t want to connect with others in an intimate way.

“Technosexuality could potentially open up sexual experiences to everyone,” Tuckman said. “Even people who seemingly have limited options.”

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