What comes next for #NeverTrump Republicans

“So, what are you working on?” is a pretty common small-talk question among friends in Washington, D.C. (Yes, we’re horrible stereotypes). This week, a friend of mine that I respect said he’s being considered for a position in the White House in President-elect Trump’s administration. That’s what he’s “working on.”

These same kinds of conversations are happening everywhere. A think-tanker I spoke to said he’s working on “transition stuff.” An issues-based activist said he’s talking with those who will be on executive staff for the agencies he works with.

The dream of the conservative “Never Trump” movement was that the probabilistic forecasters were right, and we wouldn’t have to deal with Trump or his campaign loyalists ever again after Nov. 8. That dream is dead.

Despite disproportionate representation in the media, the “Never Trump” movement was always very, very small. Trump won 90 percent of Republicans in exit polls. That’s a higher percentage of his party than Clinton won of hers, and within the margin of error of what Romney won in 2012. Most Republicans voted for Trump. Even though the “Never Trump” movement is likely overrepresented in Washington’s elite circles, it’s likely that the vast majority of those elite-circle Republicans still voted for Trump.