Romney is already Trump's top diplomat — to GOP skeptics

Donald Trump loyalists have been outspoken about the risks of making Mitt Romney secretary of state, but the last 48 hours have shown how useful the former Massachusetts governor can be to the president-elect.

Romney is already auditioning for the top diplomat’s job by serving as Trump’s ambassador to Republicans who have remained skeptical of the president-elect.

Remember the famous picture of President Obama’s team huddled in the situation room watching the killing of Osama bin Laden? During the campaign, an Internet meme circulated spoofing a similar scene under Trump. It featured a handful of politicians who went all in on Trump early, such as Rudy Giuliani, Chris Christie and Sarah Palin, plus Hulk Hogan, Bruce Willis and Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

Trump’s Cabinet picks so far haven’t looked anything like the circus the meme-makers have imagined. So far, not even Giuliani has cracked the Cabinet line-up (he is believed to be vying with Romney for the secretary of state job). Christie was relieved of his transition team duties. Palin is nowhere to be seen.