Newt Gingrich: Trump told me, "This is really a bigger job than I thought"

When he met with Trump last week, Gingrich says, “He commented, ‘This is really a bigger job than I thought.’ Which is good. He should think that.” As president, Gingrich went on, “you have war and peace, you have enormous powers … and it all comes down to the Oval Office and it all comes down to you.”

He argues that Trump, who hasn’t held a news conference since July, should feel no obligation to hold any as president, suggesting instead he solicit questions from the public to answer. “The news media so totally disgraced itself in this election, if I were Trump I would just say no,” Gingrich says. “And if the White House Correspondents Association doesn’t like it, I’d say, ‘Fine, disband.'”

Gingrich says the political world hasn’t yet come to grips with the sort of fundamental change the election of “the most insurgent president in American history” could bring. He describes Trump as “one-third Andrew Jackson in disruption, one-third Theodore Roosevelt in sheer energy, and one-third P.T. Barnum in selling all the time.”