Who said Trump can’t repeal ObamaCare?

Will people with pre-existing conditions lose out?

No. All the GOP replacement plans protect them, but not through the cynical, coercive scheme that ObamaCare used.

Obama forced two groups of people into the same insurance pool: the healthy and the chronically ill. Healthy people would pay premiums but never meet their sky-high deductibles.

Instead, their premiums would foot huge medical bills for the chronically ill, who consume 10 times as much medical care. Healthy people saw it was a scam. They refused to sign up, despite the penalty.

ObamaCare architect Ezekiel Emanuel says forcing the healthy to enroll is essential. Sorry — there’s a fairer way. Trump would allow insurers to charge sick people more, then subsidize these “high risk” customers with taxpayer dollars. That spreads the cost fairly over the whole population, instead of burdening people in the individual market.

Voila: Premiums and deductibles will drop fast for people in the individual market.