Reading the media tea leaves on Mitt Romney joining the Trump administration

However, as an argent Trump critic who greatly respects Romney, I have to say that it would be very foolish politically for the president-elect to actually do this. Not because Romney wouldn’t do a good job, but because he would be handing an enemy the power to potentially bring down his presidency.

Let’s say Romney took the job and strongly disagreed with something Trump did or said. After about a year of trying, Romney would have the credibility, character, and media megaphone to call Trump out on it. Since he is old and rich, nothing would keep Romney from resigning in protest and there is no doubt that the majority of the country (and all of the press) would side with Romney under those circumstances. Trump would be effectively be handing a deadly weapon to a man with nothing to lose and who knows that he is a fraud, unworthy of the presidency. I can even see a scenario where Romney ends up running against Trump in 2020, which would currently be impossible.

This is the real reason why I think Trump, who has to be smart enough to realize this obvious danger, will reconsider and name someone else secretary of state (though maybe not Rudy). That is, unless Trump truly is playing eight-dimensional chess and actually wants Romney, whom he knows was the only prominent guy to really figure him out and who had the guts to try to stop him, to finally take him down.