Coulter, immigration hawks already worried Trump going soft

The immediate concern among some high-profile Trump supporters is that he is not treating immigration, the issue that motivated them to get behind the businessman and reality TV star in the first place, seriously enough.

While Sessions is a leading immigration hawk whose Justice Department would be significant in this area, immigration-centric Trump supporters are getting worried that many other appointments have been driven by other considerations.

Liberal blogger Mickey Kaus complained that the president-elect has so far left homeland security secretary vacant and appears to think “it’s a second tier position. Not for immigration it isn’t!”

“One of the few proven openings for action is the first 100 or so days of a new administration, when the public’s most willing to give an incoming chief executive the chance to try his policies,” Kaus maintained. “If Trump doesn’t appoint people who will push hard from their first minute in office, he’s unlikely to get the laws — to expand the E-Verify system (to check the status of new hires), lower future legal immigration levels, maybe funding for the wall — he needs.”