Conservative talk radio sees golden opportunity in Trump administration

Prior to Trump’s rise, talk radio had fallen on hard times over the past decade—revenues have become stagnant due to competition from digital media, debt from industry consolidation, and the still-lingering effects of the 2008 financial crisis, Harrison said. But Trump is a tremendous generator of interest for talk radio—hate him or love him, listeners are tuning in.

“This guy is a buzz generator. He is the greatest buzz generator the media has seen since Winston Churchill… and that’s what talk radio really thrives on,” Harrison said.

Trump’s uniquely polarizing persona helps both radio hosts who love him and those who oppose him, as conservative host Michael Medved found out. Medved was solidly anti-Trump throughout the primary and general elections, even to the chagrin of many of his listeners.

But listen in they did, even though he frustrated their expectations—something Medved found out when he looked at his show’s surprisingly high revenue for the last quarter.