Liberals should stop ranting and seek out silent Trump voters like me

Some anti-Trumpers are asking, “Where are the reasonable Trump voters? If they truly are not racist and misogynist, why aren’t they defending themselves? And why haven’t they spoken out more condemning the violence against minorities occurring since Trump’s win?”

Understand that for many of us, this is essentially analogous to asking us to jump into a pit of vipers. The anti-Trumpers are revved up and ready to rip us to shreds in an emotional tirade if we try to explain our perspectives, or otherwise question the dominant liberal narrative. Thanks, but no thanks.

Besides, being conservative in a sea of liberals has taught us the art and power of nuance. We endeavor to get our points across by subtly questioning our opponents’ assumptions, while letting them take things to their logical conclusion if they are open-minded enough to do so. We often find that there is no other way: our left-leaning peers prefer to make their points through indignant grandstanding, bitter accusations of moral failure, or dramatic expressions of personal offense.

This is not a new phenomenon. My husband and I both have spent the last several years in graduate programs at top tier universities, and found ourselves in yet another echo chamber—this time in academia—where students were taught not how to think but what to think, guided by faculty with blatant liberal agendas.