Setting the record straight on Trump’s election-related delusions

I was one of the most outspoken pundits regarding why Donald Trump was extremely unlikely to be elected president. I never thought he would get completely blown out, but I didn’t see a plausible path to 270 Electoral College votes unless we were all making several bad assumptions, and he also got very lucky (both happened). While the votes were still being counted I immediately ate crow for being very wrong about the ultimate outcome, but that doesn’t mean that Trump now gets to rewrite the history of what really went down for his own selfish purposes.

On Sunday’s “60 Minutes” Trump tried, at least twice, to laughably boast that he won “very easily.” While the final Electoral College margin is likely to be a healthy 306-232 (which is basically what I thought it would be in the opposite direction), this claim is obviously ludicrous, even by Trumpian standards.

If only a little over 100,000 more Democrats, combined, showed up in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin (states where about 14 million people voted in total) Trump loses. If the same number showed up only in Florida, then we are currently in a Bush/Gore recount situation in multiple states.