Trump advisers steamroll Christie’s transition

Top Donald Trump campaign advisers who have taken charge of the president-elect’s transition team are casting aside much of the work on Cabinet picks that New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie and his aides put in place over several months — and leaving behind a far more chaotic operation dominated by Trump loyalists…

Bagger and Palatucci worked behind the scenes for months to create a methodical operation that was less drama-filled than the New York-based campaign shop. They played a central role in hiring transition staff, developing an infrastructure, setting up policy- and agency-focused teams and culling shortlists for top administration jobs.

“[The shakeup] definitely caused some confusion,” said one person on Trump’s transition team. “There’s been a lot of dust that’s been kicked up.”

At one point, members of the Trump transition team even talked with good-government types — some of them Democrats such as former Obama administration ethics czar, Norm Eisen — to think through a code of ethics for the transition team. “I and others appealed to both sides in this election to put in these tough rules, starting in the transition because that is where the tone is set,” Eisen said.