I already live in Canada. You can't escape Trump here.

Let’s say you make it through all those hoops and manage to enter Canada legally. Bad news: You will not escape Trump and his belief system. It is everywhere. You will hear his voice on the radio. You will see him on the TV. You will hear his name in the office and around the dinner table. Don’t forget that a large part of our lives is influenced by American culture. We are right next door, after all.

Most of our trade and defense agreements are centered around the United States, and our international politics often reflect this close relationship. Trump’s proposed changes to these alliances will no doubt impact our own international relations, economy, and position within the global community.

In fact, Trump is already influencing Canadian politics. One Conservative member of Parliament, who recently announced her intention to run for leader of her party, congratulated Trump on winning and throwing out “the elites.” Other Canadians feel that Canada’s economy has been pushed to the edge by the Liberals and New Democrats, and that Trump’s business-style approach would benefit both countries.