Survey: 75% of adults surprised by Trump victory, 42% afraid

Trump’s tumultuous campaign often put him at odds with leaders of his own Republican Party and resulted in the highest unfavorable ratings for any presidential candidate in Gallup polling history. A majority of Americans also viewed Democratic nominee Clinton unfavorably, making this the first time since Gallup began measuring favorability that both major-party candidates had negative ratings.

Nevertheless, when asked whether each of six adjectives describes how they are reacting to the election results, Americans do not overwhelmingly identify with the most negative terms. Almost as many say they are “relieved” (40%) as say they are “afraid” (42%). About the same percentages describe their reaction as “excited” (35%) and “devastated” (34%).

Huge differences exist between Trump voters and Clinton voters, with somewhat smaller differences between Republicans and Democrats as well as between younger and older Americans.