Here's why I'm still terrified about a Trump presidency

President-elect Donald Trump has proven me wrong time and again over the course of the campaign. When he launched his candidacy, I viewed it as a joke, and even as he ascended in the polls I gave him no shot of winning the Republican nomination. When he captured the nomination, I predicted he would be routed by Hillary Clinton – a prediction I held onto right until raw votes started coming in on Tuesday night. Now that he’s won, I can only say that I hope I’m as wrong about a Trump presidency as I was about his chances of winning.

For many conservatives who held onto their vow never to support Trump, one aspect of it was their belief that he wouldn’t actually govern as a conservative. But that was only one aspect of it – much more significantly, many of us thought he was fundamentally unfit to be president and could do grave damage to our republic and constitutional order. It’s one thing to live with Republican president who doesn’t follow through on his pledges to pursue items on the conservative agenda — we’ve lived through big government Republican presidents before. But there are much deeper threats presented by a Trump presidency. Now that it’s reality, here are the things that worry me most.