Turmoil reigns inside Trump Tower

“It is a complete sh-t-show,” said one GOP operative who still backs Trump on Saturday – a day of mass defections by Republican women and down-ballot Senate and House candidates. “There’s one chance, one opportunity left – and that’s to get on bended knee and project the image of contrition… That’s not going to happen.”

A senior Trump aide described the mood of the campaign on Saturday evening as “very demoralized.”…

Even if Trump’s Friday fiasco had never happened, he’d still be in deep trouble — and his campaign remains in a state of disarray. In interviews conducted over last week, campaign aides complained about improvisational decision-making, and a lack of communication that often leads to mixed signals and confusion. With so few people on staff – Trump’s skeleton operation is a fraction the size of Clinton’s massive Brooklyn operation – senior advisers are often scattered around the country on various assignments, making it hard to implement consistent messaging, a coherent communications strategy and a debate prep system that will protect the vulnerable candidate.

There are also strategic differences – not irreconcilable, but significant – on his team.