"This is the man he is": How vulgar video finally pushed a Trump supporter over the edge

Newton wondered: Had she tricked herself into supporting him? How many more chances could he get?

“I tell my kids that how much someone knows is not as important as who they are,” she said. “You can be the smartest man or woman, but if your character is flawed, you will always sacrifice your principles. Even if I want a conservative in the White House and if I want a conservative in the Supreme Court, I have to be able to look my children in the eye and be proud of the man or woman I supported for president. I can’t do that with Trump, and I can’t do that with Clinton.”

On Friday night, hours after the video was first disclosed by The Post, she knew she would have no need for the Trump paraphernalia in her closet. Knowing it would be too late for the Republican Party to put Pence at the top of the ticket, she began researching third-party candidates to see who might align with her values.

She went to the basement and fished out a banner she had picked up before the GOP convention, when the Utah delegation was debating whether it could possibly support this man. It read: “Never Trump. Never Hillary.”