Every woman in America knows Donald Trump and Billy Bush

We’re worried we’re Nancy O’Dell, the married Access Hollywood host Donald Trump bragged about attempting to seduce. We all have known at least one person who tried to—if I may coin a term— “Donald Trump” us, men who are older or more powerful taking a sudden interest in who we are. We’re kind to them, to be polite. We try to hold them at arm’s length. And then next thing we know, a tiny-handed orange man is trying to French us in a furniture store. When these things happen, we extract ourselves from the scenario wondering what we did wrong, what led the orange man to believe that it was acceptable to take it that far. We’ve been raised to believe that telling men no is embarrassing. We’ve been raised to please men, and the orange man is displeased. We feel bad. We hope he never talks about it to his friends, and we especially hope he will not go on to recount our humiliation to a colleague of ours. We know now that he does, sometimes.

We’re worried we work with Billy Bush, cowardly glad-handers who are either just as bad as the world’s Donald Trumps or too cowardly and stupid to divert the conversation when things take that dark a turn. Bush has dismissed his behavior as immaturity, but all men were young once. We worry that they’re all this terrible at some point in their lives, that some manage to grow out of it but others remain arrested in it.

The video reminds us that we are also worried that we’re Hillary Clinton, being dragged through our husband’s mistakes. We’re worried that in order to achieve what we want in our careers, we’ll have to spend decades looking the other way in our marriages. We’re worried that his inability to refrain from indulging his impulses will haunt us, that our foes will throw his actions in our faces.