A six-year-old asks: "What does it mean to grab somebody by the p---y?"

Parker, an assistant principal at an elementary school in Louisiana, pulled her daughter close. “I told her we needed to talk about our bodies,” she said, “and that sometimes bad people touch our bodies without permission.”

She said her daughter asked if Trump was a bad guy. “What do you even say to that?” she remarked…

Teddy Mott, a freshman at a high school in the District, first saw part of the transcript on Instagram. Curious, he Googled “Donald Trump” on his iPhone and the phrase “Grab them by the p—y” came up.

He thought, “What?”

“You hear guys at school talking about women, but you don’t hear them talking like that,” Mott, 14, told a reporter as his mother listened. “You hear, ‘Am I out of the doghouse?’”