Ground game: Democrats start the fall with five-to-one paid staff advantage

At the end of August, the most recent date for which data is available, Democrats employed at least 4,200 people working to elect Hillary Clinton, with about 800 at the Clinton campaign, 400 at the Democratic National Committee, and nearly 3,000 on the payrolls of state parties in 13 battleground states, which typically employ a majority of field organizers.

Republicans, meanwhile, employed about 880 people during the same period, with about 130 at the Donald Trump campaign, another 270 at the Republican National Committee, and roughly 480 at the 13 state parties.

Democrats typically have the edge in field operations, which can play a pivotal role in tight races, and the disparity is not dissimilar to 2012. “In states where this is won on the margins, it really is a turnout game,” Clinton campaign manager Robby Mook said Thursday on a conference call to tout the campaign’s ground game, though they have released far fewer details about it than the GOP.