Clinton preps final-stage blitz against Trump

In-state Democratic operatives are planning for a significant tranche of the money — coming from the $150 million Clinton’s campaign and associated accounts had in the bank to start October — to be added to the previously announced $80 million television investment her team previewed at the start of this final phase, on top of other paid media and a heavily-funded get-out-the-vote push…

Now, in the states where the election will be decided — Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, and Pennsylvania in particular — Democrats’ active preparations for that influx have already started.

“We’ve kind of turned a corner. Everything is fever pitch, because now vote-by-mail ballots, I think over two million, land in mailboxes, so every day is Election Day,” explained Florida Rep. Kathy Castor of Tampa, outlining a charged landscape that’s reflected in the other top-tier battlegrounds. “And that will ratchet up [further] when early voting starts.”

A last-second ad and organizing blitz is hardly unusual in campaigns, but the size and intensity of Clinton’s could feel like none before due both to the resource imbalance between her campaign and Trump’s, and her team’s insistence on stockpiling highly coveted political funds until now, even as it’s raised less than Barack Obama’s 2012 operation.