80% of Americans support limiting abortion to the first trimester

Past labels and polarizing culture-war rhetoric remains a steady and definitive 80 percent majority of Americans who believe abortions should at least be limited to the first trimester. This latest number comes from a July 2016 poll conducted by Marist, the polling agency used by the Wall Street Journal, McLatchy Corporation, and NBC News. The Marist poll also revealed that six out of ten self-identified pro-choice Americans believe abortion should be limited to the first three months of pregnancy.

With such an overwhelming majority of Americans favoring strong restrictions on abortion, it’s obvious current U.S. law does not reflect the hearts and minds of its own citizenship here. If current policies are already out of touch with mainstream America, we need to pay attention to the fact that one of the nation’s two major political parties is pushing an agenda that would only move this divergence more to the extreme. Yet many Americans remain woefully unaware of what they are truly voting for this fall.