My mother aborted my siblings, and that hurts me deeply

My entire life, I thought I was an only child because of my mother’s medical condition. Suddenly, I became aware I could have in fact had siblings, and I felt cheated. My anger at bearing the brunt of my parents’ divorce—and later, their deaths—alone was not due to my mother’s illness, but due to her choices.

And what of my unfortunate siblings? Over the years, once I learned the science behind pregnancy, I saw past the slogans of the Left and learned they had heartbeats, functioning internal organs, arms, legs and noses. They weren’t just clumps of cells, but little people who found themselves in the wrong womb. Knowing this, and knowing my mother knew these facts about her unborn children at the time, suddenly did a great deal to help my mother shed the nurturing and selfless persona I had pictured her with throughout my childhood.

Recently, comedian Andy Richter had some glowing words for Planned Parenthood. Richter aborted his first child with his then-girlfriend, now-wife and mother of his more fortunate children. While the abortion-loving left might have cheered his blasé attitude toward his children’s siblings, his own kids might not think Planned Parenthood so wonderful for depriving them of a brother or a sister when they are grown.

It may be one thing to support the right to choose in theory, but when that abstract choice is actually your own brother or sister, and you were never part of making that choice, abortion can often be perverted from a right to be championed, to a destructive and tragic force in your own family.