Pennsylvania: Clinton 50, Trump 40, Johnson 5, Stein 2

The Republican nominee’s support has slipped among white voters in the Keystone State, who are now divided 46% for Clinton and 45% for Trump. In August, they gave Trump a 48% to 39% edge. This is mainly driven by a swing among white women – who currently support Clinton by a 55% to 35% margin. Just over a month ago, they were divided at 46% for Clinton and 45% for Trump. White men continue to back Trump – 57% to 35% for Clinton – compared with 50% to 32% in late August.

“Clinton has been blanketing the Pennsylvania airwaves with ads that highlight Trump’s controversial statements, particularly about women. They appear to have had an impact,” said Patrick Murray, director of the independent Monmouth University Polling Institute.

Significantly more Democrats support Clinton (90%) than Republicans who back Trump (75%). That marks a 4 point gain in partisan support for Clinton and a 6 point loss in partisan support for Trump since August. Independents remain divided at 43% for Trump and 38% for Clinton, with 13% supporting Johnson and 5% supporting Stein. Monmouth’s prior poll put independent support at Trump 39%, Clinton 36%, Johnson 17%, and Stein 2%.