The week that will decide the election

2. What does Roger Stone know – if anything? Welcome to October, month of “surprises” – oft-promised, seldom delivered. Into this nervous month strides the spat-shoed dandy Stone, Trump’s master of mayhem, to offer a different kind of pre-dawn tweet.

[email protected] is done. #Wikileaks,” he wrote at 1 a.m. on Sunday.
WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange was the source of the damaging Democratic National Committee email hack designed to inflict maximum damage on Clinton on the eve of her convention – it claimed the scalp of the DNC chairwoman. And he has hinted that he has much, much more dirt to be delivered at a time of his own choosing. Since Stone is trafficking in rumor, let me add a rumor on top of a rumor:

Scuttlebutt among GOP operatives is that Assange is likely to also release information about Trump, possibly to push back on the accusation that he’s a Putin puppet working to defeat Clinton.

The tweet could be a head fake. Both Clintons, sources have told me over the course of the campaign, have often expressed concern about Stone’s mud-raking expeditions. And he loves getting into their confidence. When I asked him about that role in April, he smiled malevolently, and declared: “[It] is part of the strategy of any campaign to psych out the opposition. You know, there’s no question that Karl Rove got into John Kerry’s head.”