Poll: Clinton 47, Trump 42, Johnson 7, Stein 2

Clinton’s boost in the race stems largely from gains on Trump among men (from a 22-point deficit with that group in early September to just a 5-point one now) and sharply increased support from independents, who broke heavily in Trump’s favor in the early September poll but now tilt Clinton, 44% to 37%.

Clinton has even gained somewhat among whites without college degrees, who have been among Trump’s most ardent supporters. She trails Trump by 21 points among that group now, down from a 44-point chasm in early September.

Although most interviews in the survey were completed before Saturday night’s revelation that Trump may have avoided income taxes for nearly two decades, the results were clear that about three-quarters of voters think Trump should release his tax returns for public review (73% say so, including about half of Trump’s own supporters, 47%).