Poll: Clinton 45, Trump 41, Johnson 8, Stein 3

Hillary Clinton enjoys strong support from women; she now leads Trump by 18 points. Trump maintains an 11-point lead among men.

Trump holds a 12-point lead among white voters overall, and an even larger lead among white men. Clinton has an edge among white women. Trump continues to trail among blacks, eight in 10 of whom are voting for Clinton.

Trump has a 13-point lead among seniors, but Clinton now holds a lead among voters of all age groups under 65 years of age. Clinton continues to struggle with voters under 30 years of age – beating Trump by 10 points among this group but getting just 40 percent of their vote overall. About one in four are voting for either Gary Johnson (21 percent) or Jill Stein (5 percent).

Whites without a college degree are strong supporters of Trump (56 percent back him), while Clinton leads Trump among white voters with a college degree. Trump and Clinton continue to hold similarly commanding leads among members of their own parties, while Trump holds a slight edge among independents.