Is a cryptic tweet by Marla Maples a clue to the source of Trump's tax-return leak?

Her predicament is incredible: a self-described liberal and deeply spiritual woman, who devotes much of her time to charity, who no doubt possesses some of the most intimate and likely damaging information about the man who may become president of the United States, and she feels as though she can’t say an honest word. Still, Maples tried her best to let her feelings be known in between the lines, or in vague criticisms of people who judge.

Maples returned from visiting family in Georgia with Tiffany to New York, where she now lives, on September 20th. We met the 21st. The Times received the tax returns the 23rd.

Which brings us to Sunday’s tweet.

Maples is either genuinely talking about Kabbalah, or she’s coyly copping to distributing the most important document yet published relating to her ex’s murky financial history.