Why opposing Trump is a dumb career move in conservative media

In political terms, what Erickson (and others cited in this article, including George Will) are doing is something of a profile in courage. The shrewd move (at least, in the short term) would have been for them to throw their principles out the window and get behind The Donald.

Despite this, a myth persists that “Never Trump” Republicans have ulterior motives—that opposing the Republican nominee is somehow a smart move for the ambitious conservative commentator.

While there’s little doubt that a select few have parlayed their rebel status into a marketable niche, far more people have boosted their careers by hopping on the Trump train.

For the vast majority of us, refusing to back Trump is anything but a shrewd career move. That’s because the world wants to force us into a binary choice. Just as there’s an incentive to join a gang in prison (for protection), there’s a strong incentive for commentators to pick a side in politics. That’s where the ratings, clicks, and money live — along with most of today’s ambitious talk radio hosts and aspiring right-wing pundits.