The hypocrisy of Hillary's feminists

But the feminists, by and large, remain silent. To their shame, Hillary-supporting feminists have shown more concern for the box office failures of a group of fictional female exorcists than they have the trauma of these flesh-and-blood women forced to watch their tormentors parade around the national scene to roaring applause. It’s become par for the course for feminists to aver on the rape allegations against Donald Trump while almost entirely ignoring the Clintonian sex abuse scandals.

When confronted directly with said allegations, feminists are quick to riposte with the rampant misogyny that is Donald Trump, but this is logically incoherent. That Trump is misogynist does not necessitate silence on the Clintons’ sins against women, especially during the primaries when feminist advocacy for Bill’s victims could have made a difference in who won the nomination.

And while I can sympathize with the feminist who is now reluctantly supporting Hillary because Trump is the only major alternative, less understandable are the great majority of feminists who enthusiastically supported Hillary in the primaries, looking the other way on her sins against women the entire time: feminists like Lena Dunham, Gloria Steinem, and Madeleine Albright. It is little wonder that Steinem and Albright made stunningly anti-feminist statements in the course of their support for Hillary during the primaries.