I’m a Miss USA competitor supporting and inspired by Donald Trump

Mr. Trump was a complete gentleman. He took the time to talk to me about law school. I was close to finishing my first year at the time. He also asked me about my plans and goals after graduation, wishing me the best of luck in my future and complimenting me on my accomplishments up to that time. He even offered to let me interview him, despite the fact that his schedule was packed and he was already running behind.

I found Mr. Trump’s respectful behavior and sincere interest in what I had to say to be very refreshing, considering the ‘better than the little people’ mentality that many others in his position have been known to exhibit. He was respectful, kind and encouraging. Before leaving that day, we snapped a photo and he told me to “think big and never give up,” which is the same thing my parents had always told me.

Inspired by these words, my journey did not stop there. Following CPAC 2015, my desire start my own small business was reignited. Just over a year later, I officially opened my doors to pageant contestants nationwide with Pageant Precision, a company dedicated to helping young women ace their interviews, expand their knowledge of current events and prepare for their future careers. In less than 6 months, I have already had multiple local, state and national winners. On top of running Pageant Precision, I am preparing to graduate from law school in May and am busy providing political commentary in my weekly Washington Times column as well as on Fox News, TheBlaze and other television and radio networks.