Trump is often more hawkish than Washington elites

Notice that for years, during the Obama administration, he praised the comparatively hawkish Hillary Clinton and denounced the less hawkish Barack Obama.

Trump’s instincts are hawkish, he has done much more to publicly urge military action than to restrain it, he says even now that he will ask U.S. generals how to defeat ISIS in 100 days and give them whatever they need—a recipe for a massive invasion of Syria—and he says we should take ISIS’s oil, which would require American boots on the ground. If his insecurity waxes or his poll numbers wane, it is not hard to imagine him starting a foreign war in hopes that Americans will rally around him.

Here he is with Bill O’Reilly during this election cycle, mouthing the same establishment positions as every Washington hawk: that he wants to protect Saudi Arabia and its interests, and that he would tear up the Iran deal and won’t rule out war there…