The media freakout

So it goes. Outlets are more and more using the formerly thermonuclear word, “lie,” in their coverage of Trump and liberal analysts are hailing the end of he said/she said journalism. Trump is indeed a different kind of animal and has stressed every institution that has encountered him over the past year, from the RNC to rival campaigns to the press. But the current media freak-out is hard to take, and a mistake.

One, it is galling since the media is collectively deciding to give up on an objectivity that it never had. John McCain and Mitt Romney, upstanding, honorable men who weren’t allegedly threats to the republic as we know it, were on the receiving end of more negative coverage than Barack Obama. McCain received twice as much negative coverage as Obama in the 2008 election, according to the Pew Research Center.

Two, it speaks to a certain contempt for the media’s fellow citizens, who are presumed incapable of rationally evaluating the candidates without its thumb on the scale.

Three, if Trump loses, the press will go right back to its pose of objectivity.