Being a woman is not a qualification for becoming president

What about the freedom to defend our families from intruders, and all of the legislation that must come about to prosecute crimes against women with all due haste and aggression? What about better schools, and the rights of parents to choose which schools their children will attend?

Look at that list of items. They are not women’s issues. They are American issues, male, female, and any gender in between. Every little girl out there should take heart and feel inspired that America is finally ready for a female president. They should, however, also be aware that in order to deserve a job, you must be qualified for that job. Yes, believe in your dreams, if you can believe it you can achieve it, insert the peppy sound bite of your choice, but no little girl should think she deserves to be President just because she’s female.

Neither should Hillary. Neither should her supporters who will vote for her just because she’s not a man. Furthermore, if a voter isn’t willing to cast a ballot on the merits of a candidate’s plans and policies, then they have no business voting in the first place! They might as well flip a coin if they’re not going to put any thought into it besides “I’m With Her.”

Women are not a special interest group who must be pandered to based on this brave new world in which a candidate finally happens to share their anatomical composition. Female voters have the same duty as male voters: to weigh the facts, and think carefully about the long term consequences of any and all candidates who might reach the White House.