Trump's online trolls turn on their "God emperor" after the debate

But on Monday night, even 8chan’s users noticed that 4chan was reeling.

“They’re actually complaining about him losing, and describing how they feel let down,” wrote one user. “Amid some chirps of Hillary Clinton super PAC Correct the Record infiltrating their board.”

4chan’s de facto white-nationalist mascot Pepe, a cartoon frog that has come to represent both pro-Trump and anti-Semitic users on the site over the last year, even had its hand Photoshopped onto a smiling Clinton. Another meme showed Pepe pointing a machine gun at the back of its head.

A third showed the mascot drinking wine, along with the caption “Just for the record I never actually supported Trump. I just did it for the memes.”

4chan’s sentiment tended to coincide with anonymous money being gambled on the web.