Trump directed $2.3 million owed to him to his tax-exempt foundation instead

Did Trump, in fact, pay income tax in the cases where he directed his own fees to the Trump Foundation?

The first time The Washington Post asked, Trump’s campaign denied that any of the transactions had taken place.

“He’s never directed fees to the foundation,” said Boris Epshteyn, a senior adviser to Trump, who responded on the campaign’s behalf in a phone interview on Saturday. Epshteyn said that what Trump did was provide a service, renounce any fees, and then merely suggest that the other party make a donation to a charity of their choosing.

“He’s waived fees from time to time,” Epshteyn said. “He’s never directed it to a specific charity.”

The Post later presented Epshteyn with the Comedy Central and Ebers examples during the same interview. Epshteyn acknowledged the Comedy Central case had occurred but refused to comment on the others.