Cranky Gary Johnson: Should we just drop out then?

When the same reporter Johnson shouted at earlier asked him and Weld about being “spoiler candidates,” drawing votes away from Trump and Clinton (recent polls have shown Johnson pulling slightly more votes from Clinton, in part because of his popularity among libertarian-leaning liberals), Johnson cut her off before she could finish.

“Why do you even say that?” he asked, shouting again. “We’re giving people a chance to vote for something [they believe in] as opposed to the lesser of two evils! You want to waste your vote on Hillary or Trump? Go right ahead. We’re not spoilers we’re the first vote!”

This time the governor was cut off by one of his aides, who asked for a last question from the small crowd, but Johnson continued antagonizing: “So I guess what you’re saying is that we should drop out? Is that what you’re saying? Is that your editorial here? That we should drop out?”

Weld stepped in to pacify the situation once more.