Evan McMullin is the new Ted Cruz

The Tribune’s Evan Smith opened the interview by asking, “What happened to your conscience?” At the Republican National Convention in July, Cruz refused to endorse Trump on the convention stage and instead urged Republicans to “vote your conscience.”

Cruz didn’t have a good answer. He’d come prepared with a full justification for his about-face, and reiterated the six policy differences he’d laid out in his announcement on Friday, the chief one being Trump’s expansion of a list of potential Supreme Court nominees, including Sen. Mike Lee, along with a promise to choose nominees only from this list. For Cruz, this issues trumps all others. If Hillary Clinton is allowed to appoint as many as four new justices, Cruz said, “the court will be lost for a generation.”

The problem, of course, is that this was just as true in July as it is today—nothing has changed. What’s more, Cruz has called Trump a “pathological liar,” which casts doubt on the reliability of Trump’s promises. When Smith noted this, Cruz disagreed, saying Trump’s “public commitment” to the expanded list of nominees was a “meaningful change.”