Politicians should be treated as investments, not gods

Right now, one bad decision is all that most conservatives have to judge Cruz by. And, yes, it is a big one and, yes, it is one that we will judge him on more harshly than, say, him voting to increase the federal budget. It is just one decision, however, and the question is whether or not conservatives think it outweighs the good Cruz has done and can continue to do.

I don’t have an answer to that. I like Cruz, but he wasn’t my choice in 2016. Rubio was. I was one of the ones who figured Cruz didn’t have the likability for it, but look at what Rubio has done since then. He has continued to fight and, with the exception of voicing support of Trump over Hillary, he has stayed true to the beliefs I hold him accountable for having.

If Rubio or Cruz, or anyone else for that matter, decide to stay the course and this be the only stain on their record, I’m ultimately fine with it. I’ll support them. Not in 2020, mind you, but in the Senate, or Congress, or wherever other politicians I agree with end up. They are an investment I make in the future. And that is how they should be treated. By me, by you, by everyone. Left, Right, or Center, we shouldn’t make gods of men. We should treat them as vessels for improving our situation. They are investments, which may go down on some days, but as long as they have a history of good returns, I’ll hold on to them.