Cruz feeling the squeeze on Trump endorsement

Ted Cruz is in a bind when it comes to Donald Trump: Loyalists say he should stand by his epic non-endorsement in Cleveland. But Republicans pushing to finally unify the party as the election tightens say it’s time for Cruz to get on board.

Cruz hasn’t ruled out an endorsement and is still watching how Trump’s campaign performs down the homestretch, an aide said. But there is a renewed urgency after his former campaign manager told reporters this week that Cruz is warming to Trump’s more disciplined campaign. Cruz himself praised Trump for backing the Texas senator’s crusade to stop a handover of an Internet domain overseer to international regulators.

“If Ted Cruz wants to call himself a Republican I think he should be at least a part of the team. It looks awfully self-serving for not endorsing Donald Trump at this time,” said Sen. Dan Coats (R-Ind.). “You’re on the same team, so you don’t sit on the bench and sulk because you didn’t get the starting job. If he wants to be called on in the future, he needs to show some character.”