Virginia: Clinton 44, Trump 37

The primary differences in level of support over the past month are ideological moderates, where Clinton’s lead has declined from 57%-22% in August to 45%-29% currently and partisan Independents, where Clinton still leads (37%-29%) but by a smaller margin than in August (43%-25%).

Clinton still claims the support of 88 percent of Democrats, while Trump has inched above 8-in-10 Republicans (81%). Both of those are within the margin of error with August.

Nearly two-thirds of likely voters (64%) said they were very interested in the campaign (28% were somewhat interested), and 90 percent said they care a good deal about who wins the presidential election. Republicans have pulled even with Democrats in both interest and caring about the outcome.

About two-thirds of the support for each major party candidate is solid (68% of Clinton voters and 67% of Trump supporters say it is not at all likely they will switch their votes; 10% of Clinton supporters say it is very or somewhat likely compared to 12% of Trump backers).