Poll of Hispanic voters: Clinton 65, Trump 17

Among likely Hispanic voters, Clinton earns 65 percent of support compared to Trump’s 17 percent, the poll finds. Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson earned 9 percent while Green Party candidate Jill Stein has 2.

A vast majority of Hispanics surveyed – 8 in 10 – have negative views of the Republican nominee. Seven in 10 have “very negative” feelings of Trump, according to the poll, while only 15 percent have a somewhat or very positive view of him.

The results come as little surprise. Early in the campaign, Trump came under fire for calling Hispanic immigrants “rapists” and criminals, for vowing to build a wall along America’s southern border and making Mexico pay for it and for kicking well-known Mexican-American journalist Jorge Ramos out of a press conference. More recently, he has pivoted on his stance on illegal immigration, saying that he’s open to softening laws on illegal immigration while also declaring there will be no amnesty for undocumented immigrants.