The Bush family's lament: They detest Trump, and now have become his foil

For George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush, who has demurred on questions about how he’ll vote in the presidential race and focused on assisting down-ballot Republicans, there is also the consideration of the bond they share with the Clintons as members of an exclusive presidential fraternity and the disaster relief work they have collaborated on as ex-presidents.

“There is a mutual regard that exists, despite their obvious political differences, between the families,” one source close to the Bush family said. “And also a mutual disregard, a shared disgust for Trump as someone so far outside of that club.”

Those close to the family also doubt that any of the Bush women will privately cast a vote for Trump. Barbara Bush campaigned for Jeb in New Hampshire and lamented Trump’s foul language and desecration of the political norms her family always abided by; and Laura Bush and her daughter, Jenna Hager Bush, have similarly expressed worries about Trump’s effect on the political discourse and pleaded the Fifth when asked if they’d be voting for Trump.