For the Never Trump movement, an existential question: What now?

For the group of Republicans who steadfastly refuse to ever support Donald Trump, these past few weeks have been bewildering. Hillary Clinton’s drop in the polls has sparked a classic bout of Democratic paranoia ― described by the more stoic members of the party as “bedwetting.” But unlike campaign cycles past, the #NeverTrumpers can take little joy in their opposition’s distress.

Instead, they’ve been left to watch as a candidate they abhor gains on one they detest. They’ve long since accepted the approaching political apocalypse. It’s now less clear which apocalypse they’re getting.

“Either outcome is bad for the country,” said Rory Cooper, a GOP strategist who has worked with former House Majority Leader Eric Cantor, among others. “So the freak-out is built in. I’ve already been freaking out for a year and a half now.”